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Chelsea Chunn, Owner & Principal Consultant

Chelsea Chunn is a community minded capacity building and strategic organizational change consultant whose diverse experience brings a unique and multidimensional perspective to her clients.  With a bachelor’s degree in psychology and organizational change, Chelsea is poised to help your organization grow and thrive. 

For the past 15 years, Chelsea has focused on transforming organizational systems of care including foster care,  mental health care, generational systems, homeless systems and the federal workforce system. She has worked in operations, community engagement, strategic planning, project implementation, fund acquisition, grant research, and writing and development with diverse companies headquartered in the Pacific Northwest. As the Principal Consultant for Dynamic Funding Solutions, Chelsea has partnered with communities and leadership teams on a variety of topics, including partnership development, capacity building, fund identification, long and short-term planning, strategic grant writing, data and metric development, program implementation and organizational sustainability. 

Founded in 2018, Dynamic Funding Solutions (DFS) partners and works alongside organizations to help them capitalize on their unique assets to gain access to a wide variety of funding and partnership opportunities. Many companies struggle with identifying and retaining skilled technical writers, community facilitators and fund experts, often lumping this work in with existing positions which can costs companies time and relationships. Chelsea is passionate about helping organizations tell their story and connect with like minded individuals and is exceptional at setting organizations apart in order to shine.

What Chelsea Enjoys Most About Her Job? “I get the opportunity to help organizations grow by assisting them to realize their potential through funding. I learn every day in the process of working with my clients and continually push myself to be the best of the best. Partnership is at my core and assisting in the process of designing, innovating and problem solving is where I thrive. Being able to utilize my skills to assist my community is natural and exciting at the same time.”

Outside of Consulting: Chelsea enjoys spending time with her chef husband Cory and daughter Eleanor in addition to running Chunney Pop, a handmade gourmet fresh fruit popsicle company in Southwest Washington. 

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